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Customize as much , or as little as you like , and place your order

Choose and customize your Market Dominator mailing piece.


  1. You’ll find two variations for the front of each dominator piece: One with the ability to add local market statistics, and one with a brief article. While some agents may choose to take the simpler route and chose the article option, historically, you’ll find you get better results by including the hyper-local market information that the consumers in your market are eager for. They’ll look forward to that statistical update each month and it will further cement you as the real estate resource they need.
  2. READ the content each month so you are best able to respond to calls and inquiries from your new market base!
  3. Choose the layout for the back of your mailing piece. If you have four partners, for example, it is as simple as splitting the page into four sections and having your partners give you the camera ready pdf uploads to place in each spot. Or you could choose to use some of the back to market your own listings or direct response offers. Our Market Dominator Specialists can help you sort through what is best for you and your business. Have your marketing partners provide a PDF file at 300 DPI. A full-page ad is 11½” x 14½”, a half-page ad is 11½” x 7⅛”, a third-page ad is 11½” x 4⅝”, a quarter-page ad is 5⅝” x 7⅛”, and a sixth-page ad is 5⅝” x 4⅝”.