Choose your Career Root


Choose a carrier route (or routes) that makes the most sense for you and your business.

1. An average carrier route has between 300-500 homes, and to take advantage of the EDDM pricing, you must take an ENTIRE route. There’s no ability to slice and dice a geographic route to select JUST the homes you want. The good news is at the EDDM price, saturation mailing is affordable and you have the advantage of literally being in EVERY mailbox in your targeted area.

2. Select an area where there is between a 5-10% turnover in homes. (Look to your local MLS statistics to see which neighborhoods are turning over new listings.)

3. Do NOT choose a carrier route where there is already a top agent with more than 10% market share. It will be more difficult and take much longer to take away market share from somebody strong than it is to find a less saturated market and OWN it faster.