Executive summary


Become a Neighbourhood Real Estate Brand and Own a 20% Market Share!

Executive Summary and User Resource Guide

The Market Dominator System™ was developed to help real estate agents take advantage of the Canada Post Letter Carrier Walk Direct Mail™ product, with the lowest postage rates available today, and leverage the powerful 3-7-27 Law of Marketing. The Market Dominator has revolutionized newsletters for REALTORS® because of its unique 12” X 15” size and the ability to include Marketing Partners. So for the same price as a jumbo post card 5.5” X 8.5”, you are able to maximize your impact with a 12” × 15” poster-sized mailing which allows you to:

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Maximize your message
  • Offset the cost of your marketing
  • Saturate the entire neighborhood

The 3-7-27 Law of Marketing tells us it takes:

  • 3 Impressions to begin to develop name recognition
  • 7 Impressions for consumers to put your name with your business
  • 27 Impressions to become a BRAND NAME in the mind of consumers

According to the National Association of REALTORS® most transactions occur after the 5th contact. Most agents stop at three.


Why should you use the Market Dominator System?

Simply put, to control a 20% Market Share of a Geographic Area by becoming a Brand Name. When you are a Brand Name in a Geographic Area of 500 to 5,000 homes, several great things happen. You become the area Expert. You spend less time learning and more time executing. Your Listing Presentations are a breeze because you have the Proven Results. Your phone rings every month and you own 20% of all the listings in the area! Your income skyrockets to a professional level…with less work. There really is no other competition – You become the agent to compete against. The best part is you have 10 to 50 listings a year.

You don’t become a brand name overnight. Research proves it takes as many as 27 impressions. But not just any impression – relevant impressions that are congruent with giving consumers compelling reasons to call you – impressions that establish you as a professional who gets results – impressions that educate with information that consumers actually look forward to receiving every month!

The reason that less than 5% of all agents throughout North America accomplish owning a 20% market share of a geographic area is:

  • They don’t commit to a long term strategy
  • They don’t see an immediate return on investment
  • They get too busy working in their business and don’t devote the necessary resources to work on their business

The Market Dominator System actually provides a plug-and-play system where 90% of the work is already done for you. A new Market Dominator is released on the 15th of each month. It is designed so that you don’t have to touch it…but you have the flexibility to make any changes you want.

One of the best reasons to commit to the Market Dominator System is the cost of it. Because of the sheer size (12” × 15”) and the design, you have the opportunity to bring on marketing partners – probably people you are already doing business with – and you can plug them onto the back page. They win and you win. Once this is set up, you (or your assistant) will spend less than 15 minutes a month to execute this system.

The Market Dominator is the best!


  • 12” × 15” poster size
  • Six times the impact of a standard postcard
  • Maximum message
  • Impossible to ignore
  • Agency design every month
  • Copywriting that drives response
  • Current impactful market infographics
  • Direct response offers
  • Relevant content-rich articles
  • Fun-to-share facts with a shelf life

Released on the 15th of Every Month on marketdominator.ca – Only $1.25 Each.

  • No contracts – exclusivity by carrier route
  • Plug and play platform
  • Simple to add marketing partners
  • 100% editable
  • Low Cost registration
  • Robust image library
  • VIP customer care & support
  • Delivered to the post office by the end of each month

Three Simple Steps!

Step one: Choose a carrier route (or routes) that makes the most sense for you and your business.


  1. An average carrier route has between 300-500 homes, and to take advantage of the EDDM pricing, you must take an ENTIRE route. There’s no ability to slice and dice a geographic route to select JUST the homes you want. The good news is at the EDDM price, saturation mailing is affordable and you have the advantage of literally being in EVERY mailbox in your targeted area.
  2. Select an area where there is between a 5-10% turnover in homes. (Look to your local MLS statistics to see which neighborhoods are turning over new listings.)
  3. Do NOT choose a carrier route where there is already a top agent with more than 10% market share. It will be more difficult and take much longer to take away market share from somebody strong than it is to find a less saturated market and OWN it faster.

Step two: Decide if you wish to work with marketing partners, and if you do – select your partnerships.


  1. Marketing partnerships allow for a win-win for all parties. You are providing the platform, vehicle, and relevant, timely content for a long-term market domination success system and your marketing partners simply provide ready-to-go artwork in a variety of sizes and participate in funding the cost of the mailing. At just $1.25 per piece – we’ve found the ideal amount of partnerships to be 4. That way each person is responsible for 33¢ per mailing, making it very affordable.
  2. Choosing the right marketing partner for your business makes all the difference. Many potential partners, you’ll find, you already have a relationship with. That’s the best place to start. They should be like-minded, forward-thinking and committed to building momentum. See the Market Dominator Marketing Partner Suggestion List on the last page of this summary.
  3. Make sure your new partners are committed to a long term campaign. The idea is to have the entire process be relatively set-and-forget after the initial set up. By committing to a six-month, 1 year, or 2 year campaign, your partners will have the ability to leverage the brand awareness and top of mind loyalty that comes from consistently marketing.

Step three: Choose and customize your Market Dominator mailing piece.


  1. You’ll find two variations for the front of each dominator piece: One with the ability to add local market statistics, and one with a brief article. While some agents may choose to take the simpler route and chose the article option, historically, you’ll find you get better results by including the hyper-local market information that the consumers in your market are eager for. They’ll look forward to that statistical update each month and it will further cement you as the real estate resource they need.
  2. READ the content each month so you are best able to respond to calls and inquiries from your new market base!
  3. Choose the layout for the back of your mailing piece. If you have four partners, for example, it is as simple as splitting the page into four sections and having your partners give you the camera ready pdf uploads to place in each spot. Or you could choose to use some of the back to market your own listings or direct response offers. Our Market Dominator Specialists can help you sort through what is best for you and your business. Have your marketing partners provide a PDF file at 300 DPI. A full-page ad is 11½” x 14½”, a half-page ad is 11½” x 7⅛”, a third-page ad is 11½” x 4⅝”, a quarter-page ad is 5⅝” x 7⅛”, and a sixth-page ad is 5⅝” x 4⅝”.

THAT’S IT. Once all the pieces are ready and just the way you want them, place your order. We’ll then print, bundle, handle all the Canada Post paperwork for you, and send to the post office to be delivered on the first week of every month.