How it works & why

HOW… Market Dominator (MD) works on a Membership basis and once you become a member, and remain active, you will have Market Exclusivity for the Canada Post Letter Carrier Walks you choose. As a member, you will be installing your contact information, photograph, tagline or slogan, brokerage logo and any other information you might wish to include. You will then select your Canada Post Letter Carrier Walks.

On the 15th of each month, we will be posting two MD templates for you to choose from. You can either make changes to the copy or leave it as our expert copywriters have created it and your Market Dominator is ready to go because your information will already be embedded in the piece when you click to sign-off on your newsletter. If you choose to include Marketing Partners you would either provide them with the access to upload their ads or you could do it for them. Either way, the Market Dominator can be the first and only self-liquidating newsletter available.

WHY… We all would agree that real estate sales, and more specifically marketing, has changed a great deal over the last 15 to 20 years. At one time, we heard that 20% of the people did 80% of the business. With the advent of teams we are now seeing that it is more like 93% of the business is being done by 7% of the people. Why? Well, in many instances, the teams have the ability to pool a lot of resources for marketing and with the pooled resources a better job can be done with marketing. At one time, if we did a good job we would get good results. If we did a great job, we got great results. Now you must be able to do an extraordinary job of marketing to achieve great results and that is where the Market Dominator enters. With having marketing partners, whether or not they are real estate related, you will have the resources to help you market consistently, in the areas that you want to DOMINATE! The Market Dominator, with its totally different format (12” X15” and printed on 10 point cover stock….all very technical we know) will stand out for you and your marketing partners. Most Letter Carrier Walks number about 500 addresses. We know from Stats Canada that approximately 5% of the existing housing stock sells on an annual basis. That means that out of 500 homes, there are 25 that sell annually. With 20% market share, you will have 5 listings in your chosen market area which equates to approximately $2.04M in sales. Apply your commission rate to see the wisdom of the market Dominator. Should you expect 20% in your first year? Probably not, but you could safely expect to achieve 10% in the first year, 15% in the second and year three and beyond, 20% or more.

In real terms, let’s project that you are going to generate, in the first year, $1.02M in sales based on 10% of the listings and based on the average home sale price of $406,372 (CREA February 2014 stats) and that equates to approximately $25,398 in commissions to you. Let’s again project that you receive $500 monthly in Marketing Partner dollars and your net cost is $125.00 monthly or $1500, annually.

Would you trade $1500 to earn $25,398? The only answer is….click get started now!